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Wills & Estate Planning

At Maguire Mc Erlean, our solicitors are highly experienced in providing comprehensive advice on all aspects relating to the making of a will with clarity and precision. We always emphasize the importance of planning ahead in order to ensure maximum control over events in the future. Writing a will is not a straightforward task and we understand how daunting the process can appear. We conjugate all aspects of the clients situation, including their family circumstances, their assets, minors and guardians and executors, wills and trusts. After providing our clients with expert advice on the entire process, we draft wills to reflect their personal circumstances.




We understand that the death of a family member or someone close to you is a traumatic experience and we strive to help the people who are left behind throughout this difficult time by providing clear advice in an sympathetic and effective manner. In the unfortunate event of someone close to you passing away we are on hand to assist you from the very beginning. We begin by ascertaining the wishes of the deceased, assessing their assets and distributing them according to the law and the deceased’s wishes if known. Unfortunately many people die without leaving a will and in those circumstances provide clear and concise advice regarding the law and thereafter distribute the estate.